Monthly Auction

The Aquatic Club of Pasco County Auction Terms and Conditions

1) Anyone is welcome to sell at the group meeting.

a. All Paid members sales will be split such that 75% goes to the member and 25% to the club.

b. Non-Paid members of the club can sell at a 50%/50% split (Must register with checkout table before auction for seller number)

c. All sellers are allowed a maximum of 40 bags in which only 3 bags of each kind of fish.

2) All auction items must be properly packaged

a. Fish in fish bags only

b. Proper bagging is approximately 2/3 air and 1/3 water for fish and must be tightly closed to prevent the loss of air or water (double bagging is recommended)

c. Plants should be bagged with only a few drops of water

3) All auction items must be properly labeled this includes the following

a. Sellers number and bag number (if donation to the club label with seller 300)

b. Species name or content (unidentified fish and plants will not be sold)

c. Quantity (if applicable)

d. Sex (es) (if known)

e. Minimum Selling price (optional)

f. Indication if it is a donation

4) Any item deemed to be improperly bagged and or labeled must be re-bagged or relabeled prior to being sold

a. Club will re-bag at sellers request or in the absence of the seller for a fee of $2.00 per item

b. Bags are available for sale from the club

c. Re-bag fees will be donated to the club

d. any bag that is unable to be read or the correct information obtained at time of auctioning from the seller will be considered a donation to the club.

5) Any items not initially sold will not be re auctioned unless pre-approved by a board member

a. If the item is not sold, the item will be returned to the seller

b. If the seller is not present at the end of the auction, the item will be considered a donation and will become property of the club to be sold at a later auction.

6) Auctioneer has final word as to when an item is considered sold

7) Buyers may pay cash at time of purchase or keep a tab to be paid prior to leaving the auction

a. Non-Members must register with the check in table prior to bidding to obtain a bidder number.

c. Anyone who does not pay for their buyer’s tab before leaving the auction will be barred from starting a buyer’s tab at future auctions unless approved by a board member

8) Seller will be paid at the checkout after conclusion of the auction or upon leaving the meeting

a. Seller must sign Auction Receipt indicating they’ve received payment

b. Any payout not picked up by seller at end of auction will be kept by treasurer until next auction if seller does not come to next auction Funds will be considered a donation to the club

9) Once sold the item becomes the property and responsibility of the buyer

10) The club reserves the right to reject any item placed for auction based on:

a. Health of fish and or plants, Labeling and packaging, Identification or any other reason deemed applicable by the club or club’s board

11) Items which are illegal to sell or possess in the state of Florida will not be accepted

12) No resale of purchased auction items at meeting location

13) All sales are final

a. Buyers are encouraged to view and research bags they may be interested in purchasing prior to the auction starting.

b. No exceptions will be made to this rule due to a misunderstanding (buyers or auctioneers) of the item that is being auctioned. If you have a question as to something that is being said about the bag you may inquire with the auctioneer or come up and view the bag as it is being auctioned. The club can not be held responsible for misrepresentation on behalf of the auctioneer as to what is in the bag.