APRIL  13, 2019

10:00AM UNTIL ?

Disabled American Veterans

6711 Jefferson Street

New Port Richey FL. 34652


  1. All bidders and/or sellers in the auction must be registered to buy and sell items. The auction is open to all, and anyone is allowed to purchase and/or sell fish. This auction will be for fish and aquatic plants only. It will be at the club’s discretion to decide if items will be entered into the auction. This is a no reserve auction but each seller is also entitled to 10 Reserve bags which will not be sold for less than reserve marked on bag so bring some of those nicer fish. (Please see rule 6 for information on placing a reserve on a bag.
  2. The auction will be presented and managed run by The Aquatic Club of Pasco County. All items sold will be at a standard 70/30 split. 70% of the final bid price goes to seller and 30% of the final bid price goes to TACOPC. Minimum bid price is set at $2.00 per bag.
  3. Doors open at 8:00 AM-10:00 AM. For registration and preview. The auction will begin promptly at 10:30 AM. No new bags will be accepted after 2PM. Every hour there will be a 10 minute break. During this time we will not be selling any bags.
  4. There is a $1.00 per bag Fee on all bags entered into the auction Including the Reserve bags whether sold or not
  5. Registration is required by all bidders and/or sellers and it is encouraged to pre-register. Please visit our website www.pascofish.com where a pre-registration form is available. You will be assigned your bidder/seller number in a return email. MAKE NOTE OF THIS NUMBER WHEN RECEIVED IT WILL BE USED TO TRACK ALL YOUR AUCTION SALES AND PURCHASES.
  6. It is the responsibility of each seller to properly label their bags. Each bag must have: Seller’s assigned number (assigned upon registration). This should also include the bag number that is being sold. Example: Your seller number is 23 and you have three bags to sell. The first bag would be labeled 23-1, the second 23-2, and the third 23-3 = your seller number and bag number. If it is a reserved bag you must place Min $XX on the bag i.e. if you have a trio of Sailfin Mollies and you want to have that bag as one of your 10 bags sold at reserve at a minimum of $5, you would label it 23- 1 (Seller number/bag number) Trio Sailfin Mollies Min $5.Each bag must be labeled describing fish in the bag. You should include each species scientific AND common name. You want to help the auctioneer sell your fish so be as descriptive as possible with terms such as Pair, Trio, and so on.Include number of fish in the bag and male/female ratio if applicable.Make sure all labels are printed clearly and legibly. TACOPC is not responsible for missing labels and/or use of ink that does not stay on each bag. ALL BAGS NOT PROPERLY LABELED WILL BE CONSIDERED DONATIONS TO THE CLUB.The TACOPC. Club will determine the order in which the fish will be auctioned. If a buyer or seller wants to have a bag pushed up in the auction and given priority we will have a bump system. Buyers or Sellers will be able to purchase bump stickers for $1.00 per sticker. Each sticker will bump one bag. The bump bags will be given priority in the auction and placed in a designated area for the auctioneer. While these bags are given priority status, the order bumped bags are auctioned is at the discretion of TACOPC . However, all bumped bags will be auctioned prior to typical bags. Bump stickers will be available paid as cash at time of purchase at the registration table.Once items are registered for the auction they become property of TACOPC and cannot be withdrawn from the auction.Sellers and/or bidders may check out at any time during the auction. No payments will be made to sellers at the auction. TACOPC. Will send checks payable to the seller within 30 days of auction.All items purchased must be paid for by the end of the auction. Payments may be made via cash, credit card or PayPal. All Bag fee’s will be deducted from your selling $ if feasible otherwise must be paid at check out
  7. Lunch and drinks will be provided by TACOPC. We will ask for donations to cover our costs for these items. Donations are not required, however are greatly appreciated.
  8. We will have several silent auctions available. Full details will be outlined and explained at the beginning of the auction since items are yet to be listed.
  9. If you have a bag that is leaky, needing to be changed please head to the bagging station and a TACOPC member will assist in getting the fish re-bagged.
  10. Any bags which have not been purchased will be available at the end of the auction for purchase back by the seller for the $1 bag fee. Any bags which have not been sold or claimed will remain property of TACOPC and considered a donation for sale at a future club meeting. Note: Reserved auction bags do not apply to this.
  11. If the seller leaves the auction early, any unsold bags after they leave which are not claimed under rule 9 will be considered a donation for sale at a future club meeting. Note: This also applies to reserve bags which are not claimed at end of auction.
  12. There will be a designated non sold bag area. In order to claim any unsold items you must present your number to the TACOPC volunteer working the table and pay the $1 to buy back the bag. NOTE: This does not apply to reserve bags.
  13. The TACOPC shall not be held accountable for any bag once it’s been received by the buyer or returned to the seller. The TACOPC can not reimburse any buyers for any losses after the buyer has received the bag. There will be no refunds or credits for any items once the buyer of the auction has taken possession of the bag.NO FLORIDA NATIVE SPECIES THAT ARE ILLEGAL FOR SALE IN FLORIDA WILL BE ALLOWED. NOR WILL ANY SPECIES FOUND ON FLORIDA’S DO NOT SELL LIST BE ALLOWED. ANY SPECIES THAT IS QUESTIONABLE WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE AUCTION AND IMMEDIATELY REMOVED FROM PREMISES(Fish) http://myfwc.com/wildlifehabitats/nonnatives/regulations/ (Plants) https://www.flrules.org/gateway/RuleNo.asp?id=5B-64.011



BAG 1 – 25 FORM

BAG 26 – 50 FORM

BAG 51 – 75 FORM

BAG 76 – 100 FORM

BAG 101 – 125 FORM

BAG 126 – 150 FORM

BAG 151 – 175 FORM

BAG 176 – 200 FORM